Clear Light Healing


Clear Light Healing is a hands on body balance. It is the purest and highest vibrational frequencies of light directing immediately for physical, mental and spiritual transformation. These highest frequencies are effective on a wide range of disease and resolve deep emotional and mental blocks.

Chronic disease, water retention, weight problems, cancer, high and low blood pressure, undiagnosed diseases, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, negative thoughts, lack of focus and clarity etc.

Each healing is complete in itself, and after each balance you feel deeply relaxed and at peace. You will feel that your energy is filled up again. Also, this healing will help you to find and follow your unique path. Your body continues to integrate and balance for hours and days afterwards.

Clients book a healing for an occasional tune up or a series of treatments. 

Every Healing is different and unique. It takes about 60 minutes.


Clear Light Healing Training

Basic Training Level l

No experience is required to become a clear Clear Light Healer.

Approximately 4 hours training in a group or private, in personal or via Skype.

Hands activation
You will receive a healing to specifically activate your hands for high powered healing purposes.

You will learn all the different techniques:

Self-healing, grace-healing, how to give a Clear Light Healing to others, energetic clearing, pets healing, and distance healing.


“Dear Tina, these training was an other stepping stone on my path and I really enjoyed our time together. It was very intense and precious.


I’m still so inspired and deeply blessed, to help and support other people to get healed.


Thank you, thank you thank you.“ 

— Barbara

Advanced Training Level II

To book this level you have to have completed level I, including haven given 10 healings.

Third Eye activation
You will receive a healing that specifically activates your third eye for advanced healing purposes.

You will learn how to process, project and manifest both for your own personal transformation and your relationship with others and you will learn what is important for the very high level of clarity required for an Advanced Clear Light Healer to manifest and distribute pure light.

You will learn all the advanced techniques for grace healing and distance healing. You will also lean techniques that will help you to envision the future, communicate with animals or with those who have crossed over.