Tina Hopff

Kundalini Yoga Instructor . Advanced Clear Light Healer . Neuropathic Therapist

Tina Hopff also known under her spiritual name as Sanjeet Prakash Kaur, born in 1968 in Germany, studied an array of holistic therapies such as Kinesiology, Reflexology and Medical Herbalism in Frankfurt, Germany.

In her quest to help people heal, Tina came across Clear Light Healing where information is received on a cellular level and thus released.

In 2014 Tina embarked on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, Tibet, where she keenly felt her calling to be in Kundalini Yoga. This led her to another journey to the mother ashram of Yogi Bhajan in Española, New Mexico. There she trained to become a KRI qualified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

She now combines all her knowledge, skills and intuition to give private and group lessons as well as workshops and Healing Circles.


Tina is also available for consultations around the world.

Tel: +27 (0) 79 822 59 52

Email: tinahopff@icloud.com


Other Instructors


Eve’s hatha yoga classes are sometimes playful, sometimes profound, often surprising.  Working with the force of gravity that draws us to the earth beneath us and the gentle power of the breath we can release tension and old habits to find new freedom in the body.


Eve’s work is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli’s awakening of the spine and she has been teaching yoga for 16 years.


Eve Cunard


Hayley started practising Kundalini Yoga in 2001. It had such a profound transformative effect on her life she became a dedicated student. She trained and completed her International Yoga Teacher Training course in 2014 with one of Yogi Bhajan’s direct students, Pritam Kaur Khalsa. Hayley invites you to explore your consciousness and to reconnect with your mind, body and soul using this much loved ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga. Using various postures, breath work, chanting and mantras. All fitness levels are welcome as we work internally and experience our own development with each session.

Hayley Mitchell


Breathwork is alchemy...Using breath and music Jen creates a space where your soul takes a journey to meet the divine...

No previous experience required...


Jen Rorrison


Through my years of teaching and working with children I have valued bringing my love for children and passion of teaching yoga to children as my purpose in life.

Yoga has been a true gift in my life and giving children the opportunity to bring awareness and mindfulness to their beings through yoga is a true blessing.

I teach in a dynamic, fun, playful and heartfelt way following the essence of bringing mindfulness, joy, calmness and a sense of peace to each class.

Certified by Sun Yoga: Yoga for Schools and The Life Centre: Children’s Yoga United Kingdom

Leila Goddard


Joy Coach and cofounder of the global dance movement Secret Sunrise and No Danger Diaries, bringing joy to people’s hearts has always been Daniel’s absolute passion! He facilitates dance, joy and healing retreats around Southern Africa and abroad.


Daniel Cameron Becker


Saskia Hopff, born in 1969, is an Interspecies Communicator working on an energetic level with domestic & wild animals. Her journey as an IC began in 2007 when she participated in one of Anna Breytenbach’s workshops. A few workshops, a correspondence course by Wynter Worsthorne and many case studies later Saskia embarked on consulting people professionally, helping animals around the world. 

She is living with her husband, 3 children and lots of furry & feathery friends on a small-holding in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


Saskia Hopff


Tree ōf Life    -     A Metamap for Being


Cheer is a Birthrite !    

Amplify Your  Purpose With The Appropriate Essence !


Kendal Milford is an educator by profession and an oil enthusiast with a wealth knowledge about health and happiness Her class is infotaining, inspiring and metaphysical in tone.

Learn about the 7 ōil camps and how they can modulate and mediate daily life.

Kendal Milford


Nicholas Luqmaan McLean, “Gut Health Yogi” Somatic movement therapist and Holistic Health Coach based in Hermanus (and often in Cape town). 

With yoga, ecology and science training, and meditating since the age of 18, he is dedicated to expanding our capacity to connect and find freedom from within. Following a journey of seeking satisfaction outwardly, with some life-changing breakthroughs he discovered how soma and sense of self is the key that awakens our potential to self-regulate, self-sooth and shift out of the habits that keep us on autopilot and disconnected. His integrated programs involve wholefoods, SomaSensing intuitive yoga and mindfulness to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore wellbeing.



Nicholas Luqmaan McLean


Adri is passionate about teaching and learning how to live an authentic life that

allows our human experience to be a co-creative collaboration with nature and 

each other.  Her experience as a bodywork instructor along with her interest in

alternative education keeps her on a path of discovery and exploration. 



We live in a holographic universe. I am a seeker.
My life has always been underpinned by journey of metaphysical inquiry

What we see and feel is a tiny spec of possibility. Reality is so vast and most of it exists in the invisible.
This invisibility is surrounding us with structure, sound, colour, vibrational frequency and is available for us to tap into.

The older I become, the more interested I am in devoting my time to playing within these fields.
“The Subtle Realms in the 21st Century” ... come along and join in



Jean loves all things yoga. On the mat Jean loves the connection to Self. Off the mat, yoga extends into Jeans love of connection to life, people, places, nature and the magic of the world around us. 

In this Mudra playshop, Jean wishes to explore the wisdom of this ancient science and share a Mudra Meditation she learnt from fellow Yogi and friend Siddhi.